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blueButler for Applied Epic Case Study

blueButler integrates with your Agency Management system

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Insurance agencies and carriers are under intense competition as customers are subjected to non-stop advertising for cheaper insurance from online and other low-cost insurance products. To retain their customer base, improve renewal rates and increase their revenues, agencies need to focus on their core strength - the "personal touch" to deliver value to their customer.

A majority of business activity critical to the success of the insurance agency occurs on the phone talking with clients and carrier staff. Our blueButler solution provides the most powerful set of applications available to guide, monitor and manage the agency’s sales and services practices in this highly competitive market. With blueButler, an agency can:

  • Implement a "warm renewal" process to improve retention rates using call campaign reminders and "audio signatures" to “get the business off the street” at the earliest practical moment

  • Automate their cross-sell, up-sell lead generation processes so that it becomes a standard, predictable part of their business growth

  • Improve the performance of CSRs and producers by sharing call recordings that highlight the skills of the top performers with others and establishing benchmarks based on these skill sets

  • Use policy checklists to avoid errors and link call recording files to activity records in the Agency Management System to mitigate E&O exposure

  • Ensure consistent record keeping using automated blueButler phone call reports to audit your Agency Management System records

  • Provide automated reports on all critical call content and performance activity

  • Establish baseline performance targets as you now know what performance levels your staff has been historically achieving

blueButler automates and enhances these key workflow processes of the agency resulting in improved and more consistent customer experiences that highlight the personal touch approach. blueButler provides a platform for automation and consistency of staff performance necessary to secure the future of the agency.

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