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Quality Management

• Coaching / training
• Customer retention
• Evaluation scorecards
• Call activity reports
• “He said – She said” issues

Many companies conduct a large percentage of their client interactions over the phone and yet management has next to no ability to review how front-line staff actually engages each client. This lack of management oversight leads to a situation where mediocre performance goes unchecked and is often the norm.

blueButler iDR keeps your front line workers performing at their professional best by enabling continuous identification and immediate response to effective and ineffective interaction with your customers and key business partners. It allows for quick and efficient resolution of "he said - she said" disputes that otherwise use up valuable management time leaving customers and staff to their own devices to deal with their frustrations.

Calls are stored securely on the blueButler server in convenient MP3 or WAV format. Users can email, download or audio-stream the recordings to their PC or mobile device and listen using off-the-shelf media player software. Best of all, blueButler offers many advanced features like selective recording, CLID and DNIS capture, SQL reports, IP triggers and more with NO requirement for expensive CTI integration and NO hidden costs.

Not just for Call Centers, blueButler delivers core high-end quality management across your organization – for inside sales teams, project teams, accounting groups, purchasing agents, in-house legal staff and other operations – any team that uses the phone to interact with customers, suppliers or other departments.

There are extensive data mining capabilities in the blueButler system. Users can search for recordings based on any combination of fields available in the SQL database records for the recordings including date, time (before and after a specified time-of-day), duration (min and max), caller-id, DNIS number (or associated name or category), dialed digits, call type, extension, agent id, user name, department, subject, comments, release key, transfer key, transferred to, held key, held duration, important tag, bookmark tag, compliance tags, manager comments, overall evaluation, call rating, and the custom data fields included in the database (if used). There is also a “Google-type” search capability that will match the data entered against every field in the database record and display the resulting field matches in the search column for the SQL record.

Quality Evaluation Scorecards

blueButler iDR records every phone call as an MP3 file and stores them a secure database that is instantly available for management review. Management can now review actual conversations with clients, rate each employee’s performance against objective Evaluation Scorecards and use actual calls as training material on how to handle various situations. Scorecards can be used to evaluate how staff conduct themselves on the phone, including:

Are they pleasant? Do they remember to repeat the client’s name? Do they thank each caller before ending the call? Do they have good “phone etiquette”?

How do they handle upset callers? Do they know how to ask open-ended questions? Do they have good listening skills?

Do they try to up-sell the client? Do they control the conversation? Are they knowledgeable on the products they are offering? Do they remember to discuss any compliance issues?

A customizable web-based Quality Evaluation scorecard module is available as an option with blueButler. It allows you to create many different scorecard forms tailored for each group of users. You can establish your own best practices and then use the Scorecards to measure the performance of individual agents and users against those practices. Each evaluation form can be customized with different pages / sections / rows and variable grading and weighting schemes. The scorecards are kept in the SQL database and linked to the recording records making it easy to associate evaluations with specific call recording files for one-on-one reviews.

Regular coaching and feedback is known to improve overall performance and there is no better tool than call recording as an unbiased method of supporting overall quality objectives.

Call Activity Reports

blueButler iDR includes detail and summary call activity reports that can be sorted by employee, department or DNIS number as well as Quality Evaluation scorecard reports. blueButler uses the Microsoft Report Services engine with a web-based user interface for creating custom report templates. The reports can be scheduled as PDF or Excel output that are automatically emailed to the designated users.

Acitivity reports can have filters associated with them as templates that are stored and can be run at any time (eg. add the “previous month” filter to create a template for “Last month’s long call duration dept call summary”). Users can also create their own ad-hoc or custom reports using the Microsoft Ad-hoc report writer, Crystal Reports or other 3rd party tool. The blueButler iDR SQL tables are published for both read and write access which enables users to add additional data fields to the SQL records that can be included in the reports.