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Call Recording

blueButler iDR – affordable digital and VoIP call recording technology

Recording calls has become standard industry practice, as the business benefits of recording calls are well known:

  • Dramatic quality improvement
  • Faster dispute resolution
  • Streamline order processing (using audio-signatures to replace wet-signatures)

  • Reduce liability and E&O exposure
  • Continual feedback best-practice training
  • Comply with regulatory requirements

  • Enhance security
  • Prevent harassment and abuse

Until now, the high cost of the technology has limited its use to high-end call centers or those required to implement recording for regulatory compliance or security concerns. Smaller call centers, small and medium sized enterprises, and operational teams that wanted to benefit from call recording were forced to compromise and use inexpensive desktop recording systems that are prone to error and agent abuse.

Call recording for everyone – blueButler delivers the core high-end digital call recording features required to achieve these business benefits on a secure, server-based management platform at a price that any business can easily afford. The resulting return on investment is measured in weeks for many organizations.

blueButler enables continuous identification and immediate response to effective and ineffective interaction with your customers and key business partners. It enables quick and efficient resolution of "he said - she said" disputes that otherwise use up valuable management time leaving customers and staff to their own devices to deal with their frustrations.

blueButler iDR keeps your front line workers performing at their professional best. Calls are stored securely on the blueButler server in convenient MP3 or WMA format. Users can email, download or audio-stream the recordings to their PC or mobile device and listen using off-the-shelf media player software. Best of all, blueButler offers many advanced features like selective recording, CLID and DNIS capture, SQL reports, IP triggers and more with NO requirement for expensive CTI integration and NO hidden costs.

Not just for Call Centers, blueButler delivers core high-end quality management across your organization – for inside sales teams, project teams, accounting groups, purchasing agents, in-house legal staff and other operations – any team that uses the phone to interact with customers, suppliers or other departments.


Today, interactions with customers are handled almost entirely over the phone, through email and the Internet. Gone are the days of personal face-to-face meetings when customers came to see us at our place of business. This shift has resulted in the Contact Center becoming a key strategic asset of many organizations.

Yet, in spite of this transformation, many companies have only a vague idea at best about how their front-line customer interactions are conducted. A manager might sit next to an agent during a few calls or may use the service observance port on the PBX to monitor some calls. New management tools allow organizations to effectively tie job performance to compensation and demonstrate a firm and ongoing corporate commitment to quality.

Recording calls is now standard industry practice – your competition is already doing it! blueButler delivers high-performance, secure, server-based call recording to any size Contact Center within your organization – whether it is a formal call center or informal first-contact team located at one site or spread across multiple locations.

Dramatic Quality Improvement
When every call is recorded, employees are at their professional best knowing that management and others can review their actual conversations at any time. Even on "bad days", customers are treated with respect and professionalism. And your staff spends less time on unproductive socializing, as internal calls stay focused on business issues.

Deliver Continuous-Feedback Best-Practice Training
Train staff on best practices using real life recordings stored at your fingertips. Be empowered to immediately coach behavior & improve operational results through effective telephone practices. Increase morale & reduce churn through ongoing, relevant feedback. Review agent and other staff performance at your leisure. Rate individual calls and store relevant comments with the recordings to facilitate an effective review process.

Faster Dispute Resolution
Free up management and staff time by resolving disputes before they escalate. Rely on fact-based recordings to eliminate no-win "he said - she said" confrontations.

Reduce E&O Exposure
Reduce Errors and Omissions claims while maintaining good customer relations by referring to facts rather than hearsay evidence.

Streamline Order Processing
Use recorded phone verifications as audio-signatures to book revenue sooner and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone faxed or mailed wet-signature forms.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements
blueButler uses low-cost industry-standard hard drives to enable affordable always-on recording. Archive the recordings using your existing network backup procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, internal corporate policies and audit controls.

Provide Live Monitor and Service Metrics for your Outsourced Operations
Anytime, anywhere secure access allows clients to remotely monitor agent performance. Clients can dial into your operation from any remote phone and silent monitor live calls handled by agents assigned to their account. Service level metrics are validated using undisputable recordings of actual calls. Separate and store call recordings securely based on DNIS, agent-ids or other criteria. Brand your blueButler dial-in access point and web page as part of your outsourced service offering.

Enhance Security for your Organization
Record front desk calls with immediate escalation of emergency calls. Prevent harassment and abuse by capturing threatening or harassing calls whether internal and externally originated.

SQL Database for Data Mining Intelligence Reports
blueButler stores the call details of every recorded call in a secure SQL database with links to the actual MP3 or WMA recording files. Managers have self-service access to detail and summary reports of their operation allowing them to spot trends and evaluate staff performance against best practices. With every call recorded, it’s easy for managers to spot calling patterns that are outside the norm and click-to-review the actual calls. Integration with other corporate systems makes it easy to link customer data such as policy number, account status, service history, etc to the reports.

Manage your Recordings Securely
Layered security ensures all calls are recorded and stored on a central server protected against unauthorized access. Store recordings in an uncompromised state for reliability & integrity if court presentation is required.