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Call Activity Reports

It is well known that "you can't manage what you can't measure". blueButler solves this issue by capturing all of the key management information on your operations and summarizes it in automated reports that enable you to make informed management decisions. The blueButler reporting engine combined with the ability to tag calls to reflect any number of call characteristics (call activity by subject matter such as: policy renewal; new customer; new policy; carrier advice; service call, change of address, upsell opportunity, etc) provides information that has never been available and enables real ‘management insight’ into your daily operations!

There are extensive data mining capabilities in the system. Users can search for recordings based on any combination of fields available in the SQL database records for the recordings including date, time (before and after a specified time-of-day), duration (min and max), caller-id, DNIS number (or associated name or category), dialed digits, call type, extension, agent id, user name, department, subject, comments, release key pressed, transfer key pressed, transferred to, call held, call held duration, custom tagging (important, bookmark), compliance/scripting tags, comments, overall call evaluation total, and custom text and select fields included in the database. There is also a search capability that will match the data entered against every field in the database record and display the results.

The blueButler report engine allows users to create reports that are scheduled as PDF or Excel files that are automatically emailed to the designated users. Customers can also create their own ad-hoc or custom reports using any report writer that can connect directly to the SQL Server database. The blueButler SQL tables are published for both read and write access that enables customers to add additional data to the SQL records that can be included in the reports.