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Agency Management System Integration

“sigXPTM already has the most secure activity process in the BMS arena. By having a locked activity history, Keal’s clients have a better chance of defending their position in court and avoiding an E&O exposure. The addition of blueButler takes this one step further by making the actual conversation part of the client history, rather than transcribed notes from the user.”

Pat Durepos
Keal Technology

Computerized records management is a key application for every insurance company and blueButler revolutionizes the use of call recording by integrating with the back-office software systems used to manage customer, policy and claim records.

blueButler records phone conversations as standard compressed audio files that are stored on a hard drive and indexed in a secure SQL database. blueButler allows you to integrate these audio files with the phone call activity or abeyance records in your Agency Management System. This integration makes it as easy to locate the phone conversation related to the client’s policy as it is to locate a related fax or email message.

In particular, blueButler iDR integrates with the following market-leading Agency Management Systems:

  • Applied Epic – blueC is a Certified Gold Integration Partner with Applied Systems. blueButler is the first fully integrated phone application for Applied Epic.
  • Keal Technology’s sigXP – blueC 802 is the exclusive call recording partner for Keal Technology. blueButler integrates with Keal's sigXP software allowing users to seamlessly track their phone call activity and recorded calls in sigXP.
  • Others – blueButler can interoperate with any other AMS / BMS system using two different methods; (1) a copy and paste method to add the link to the call recording file into the activity record in the AMS/BMS software or (2) a download and attach method to add a copy of the audio file to the activity record in the AMS/BMS software. If you are interested in having us explore an integration with your AMS/BMS software supplier, please contact us as we would be pleased to discuss it with your supplier.