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Errors and Omissions (“E&O”) Protection

“I feel I avoided an E & O suit when a client was cancelled for non-pay, then had an accident…We have used this to hear both sides of a conversation, and it has been eye opening. Once we heard both sides we realized just how frustrated and dissatisfied some of our clients were and we corrected it, improving our retention. We are seeing retention figures higher than ever.”

Rorie McIntosh
McCam Insurance

blueButler iDR delivers core fundamentals to eliminating Errors and Omissions and E&O liability.

100% recording – with blueButler every phone call with a client is recorded and easily accessible by all authorized staff. Anyone can review the details of phone call discussions with the client by simply clicking a button to playback the recording. This instant recall allows staff to catch errors before they are made – double-checking the client’s actual instructions before a policy is issued.

Instant Online Audits – blueButler empowers your audit process by allowing managers to click-to-review the actual client call on any policy that is flagged as a high “risk” or over a specified amount. Managers can verify that the policy details were captured correctly and avoid potentially expensive mistakes in interpretation of the policy issued.

E&O Checklists – blueButler includes automated checklist reminders of policy options that need to be reviewed with clients. Most E&O disputes are based on failure-to-inform claims and the checklists are a recommended best practice for brokers to follow. The checklists can be easily adjusted to meet your specific market requirements and segmented for the producers that require access to specific checklists (eg. auto and property versus commercial insurance).

Complete Voice Transaction History – blueButler provides a “Google-like” search of the complete history of all client discussions that enables you to verify if an error or omission actually occurred. This fast and easy method of recalling the exact instructions given by the client lets you resolve disputes before they escalate, not only avoiding the E&O liabilities, but also enables you to keep your customer happy during potentially hostile situations while freeing valuable management time for other activities.

Sample E&O Protection script


  • Medical and Rehabilitation
  • Attendant Care
  • Medical Rehab and Attendant Care Aggregate Limit

  • Caregiver Housekeeping and Home Maintenance
  • Dependant Care
  • Income Replacement

  • Indexation Benefit
  • Death and Funeral
  • Tort Deductible

  • Deductible (Property Damage)