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Medical Underwriting Services

In this market, companies are staffed by highly qualified medical personnel trained to conduct telephone interviews with applicants efficiently and effectively. blueButler's secure and automated workflow processes, scripts and call tags enable significantly faster and accurate processing of the interview files making the process more efficient and reducing administrative back office costs.

  • Automate the Tele-Interviewer process with blueButler's automatic call recording, scripts, call tags and reports

  • blueButler's Click-to-tag method invokes client-specific procedures and groups call recording files by client, order number and interviewer

  • Automated scripts are used to confirm consent with applicants

  • Security model controls access to recording files; audit staff can easily review applications and update status (eg. proceed with billing)

  • blueButler Web Services enables integration with back-office billing systems allowing completed applications to be processed for billing and automated posting to client's designated data warehouse

  • blueButler's scheduled reports provide management oversight on key performance indicators such as interviewer productivity (daily/weekly interview summaries), application statistics (eg. completed/reprocessed/rejected), average interview-to-billing times, etc.