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Dialogic shared ports

blueButler iDR includes support for Dialogic digital station emulation and Dialogic analog cards. These cards are connected to your PBX in a hunt group and enable use of some innovative real-time phone services on your blueButler system including:

Live Monitor

Managers can dial into blueButler from any local or remote phone and listen in on live calls being handled by a specific group of users. This is ideal for outsourced operations where the customer requires secure silent access to monitor how their calls are being handled.

On-demand recording

Extend the option to record a call to everyone through the use of shared on-demand ports. Simply conference on the extension number associated with the recording ports when recording is needed. These ports can also be used for MP3 email dictation from any desktop phone or cell phone.

Playback (phone access)

In some cases, users may not want to replay a recorded call using their PC speakers. blueButler provides the option to playback the recording using a nearby phone instead.