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Digital Line Tap Cards

blueButler directly taps the proprietary PBX digital phones at the wiring block in your back room with 8, 16 and 24-port digital cards for station-side recording of incoming, outgoing and internal calls. Each of the Digital Line Tap cards is installed in the blueButler Windows server with a standard 50-pin telco amphenol cable that connects to the wiring block using T-connects or Bridge-clips. Up to 16 cards can be installed in each server and multiple servers can be clustered together providing unlimited scalability.

blueButler records not only the B-channel digital audio for each phone but also the call control and D-channel events. This unique approach means that blueButler can collect the control information for the call directly form the wiring tap without requiring an expensive CTI integration with the PBX. The control information includes the caller-id, DNIS number and dialed digits as well as the extension number, agent login id and key presses such as Hold, Transfer and Release. These call control events are recorded in the SQL database record for each call providing valuable information that can be used to search for specific calls or to produce call activity reports.

blueButler iDR provide advanced call processing such as merging call recording “segments” associated with held calls into one recording including the time spent on hold. The administrator can configure which “keys” on each set are to be recorded which enables a private line to be made available for personal calls that are not recorded if desired.

Each digital phone can be configured for either "always-on 100% recording" or "on-demand recording". With on-demand recording, the user determines which calls are recorded whereas for always-on 100% recording, the system automatically records every phone call on the secure server.

All major PBX brands are supported including Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson, ESI, Fujitsu, Mitel, Nortel, NEC, Panasonic, Siemens, Toshiba, Vodavi and others.