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T1/E1 Trunk Tap Cards

blueButler can tap the T1/E1 digital trunks that connect to your PBX with single-span or dual-span tap cards for trunk-side recording of incoming and outgoing calls. Each of the T1/E1 Tap cards is installed in the blueButler Windows server and connects to the T1/E1 with a standard RJ45 splitter inserted onto the line. Up to 16 cards can be installed in each server and multiple servers can be clustered together providing unlimited scalability.

blueButler simultaneously records the B-channel digital audio for each channel on the T1/E1 using the D-channel events to detect start and end of call as well as caller-id, DNIS and outbound dialed digits. blueButler stores the audio file for each call and compares it to the SMDR call detail record produced by the PBX to determine which extension or agent-id to associate with each call. The calls are stored against the corresponding user profiles in the SQL database.

With blueButler, you can choose to record all inbound and outbound calls on the T1/E1 circuit or license just the phones that you want to record. All other recordings are automatically purged from the system if the SMDR data does not match to a licensed extension.