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blueButler is designed to fit every customer environment whether you have a small office with a few phones to record; a large call center with hundreds of agents or a centralized multi-site organization. You can start small and easily add users, additional sites or new applications as your needs change. blueButler is a scalable platform that supports virtually any configuration including:

  • Station-side or Trunk-side recording
  • VoIP and Digital phone recording
  • Blended environments with digital, analog and/or IP phones
  • Support for all major PBXs, Key systems, and mixed vendor equipment
  • Centralized Multi-site networks

You choose the interface or interfaces that are appropriate for your environment and blueButler adjusts to match the configuration chosen. We recognize that every customer is unique and designed blueButler so that it can easily be adapted to meet your specific requirements. You can order a complete turnkey solution or choose to provide your own server for blueButler. By adhering to open industry-standards and off-the-shelf technology, blueButler offers tremendous flexibility in how you choose to deploy the system.