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Technical Support Services

“Technical training was accomplished very quickly - while other products were providing a 5-day intensive course. We just didn't need that for the BlueButler product - it is not that complex to administrate. User training was also accomplished very quickly - leaving the users the ability to listen to calls, evaluate and report on calls and also leaving them excited to plan what types of evaluations and reports they would be doing.

Since implementation of blueButler we have been very impressed with the quick response time and helpfulness of the blueC 802 team. We are moving forward with the confidence in knowing that should issues arise they will be dealt with in a quick and effective manner.”

Janette Kruegel

Support Mission Statement

blueC is dedicated to proactively providing its customers with the support required to maximize the use of their blueButler system. blueButler is there to serve you and we are there to ensure blueButler serves you well. We have accordingly structured our support services model to deliver to your needs and have enlisted very experienced professional services staff who have proven they can execute the blueC support mission and live up to the high standards blueC requires of all its support staff.

Support Services - Simple, Professional, Non-intrusive and Helpful

As part of the implementation process, we train an administrator within your organization and provide the administrator with "train the trainer" instructions for your users. We provide a sign off process to ensure the sufficiency of your implementation and training and give you 90 days no charge access to our support help desk for issues that may arise after implementation. While traditional telephone support is available, we have found the most expeditious means of addressing your needs is through e-mail exchange with our blueButler help desk. Simply e-mail your support needs to with your name, contact phone number and e-mail address.

We know that your support needs will be ongoing as your communications needs are ever evolving. We offer annual support that includes help desk support (as in your 90 day post-implementation period) as well as software updates released during the annual support period. Please contact your blueC sales representative or e-mail us at to purchase annual support.

Should your needs go beyond the scope of what can be addressed through the help desk, we can provide professional consultation services to assist. Please e-mail us at with your needs.